14 Step Finishing Process
Every door and drawer front we make is quality - from start to finish.
Our pre-finished wood doors go through our 14-Step Finishing Process.

STEP 1-Only the finest, top quality hardwoods in Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Hickory selected.
STEP 2-Progressive machine-sanding process.
STEP 3-Hand-sand with #220 grit sandpaper to assure the best possible surface for finishing.
STEP 4-Stain toner is applied as needed to establish a base color. This minimizes variations in wood color.
STEP 5-Careful steps are taken to ensure that the stain is sprayed on all surfaces, penetrating seams between the panel and frame.
STEP 6-Stain is hand-wiped to bring out the hidden beauty of the wood grains.
STEP 7-The doors are passed through a convection oven for the final drying phase.
STEP 8-The doors are sealed with a clear, penetrating, catalyzed varnish wood sealer.
STEP 9-High-temperature ovens assure the sealer dries to a hard, durable finish.
STEP 10-The entire face and back is hand-sanded, providing a smooth surface to the topcoat.
STEP 11-The catalyzed varnish, clear topcoat is hand-sprayed on all surfaces.
STEP 12-Top coat is baked on, in high-temperature infrared ovens, ensuring maximum resistance to UV fading, scuffing and moisture.
STEP 13-Before packing, products are individually inspected to high standards.
STEP 14-Prior to shipment, each door and drawer front is wrapped in foam to help ensure they arrive in perfect condition.