Here's an Example:
There is no specific MATCHING Drawer Front that is made to match to the 501 door,( would have beencalled a"501F" ).
If you can make it bigger than the MINIMUM size for that doorof 7" wideX 7" high , you can simply order it as a door.
you MUST reverse the width and height, so the woodgrain in the panel will run left to right, like it does on alldrawer fronts. For instance ordering a Door 7" Wide X 26" High, turned on it's side,willgive you a Drawer Front 26" Wide X 7" High.
In this case, if you can't make it 7" high, it is not worth even having it made as a matching drawer front, anyway. It is just too small. see this "too-small" link for details:
Otherwise, your best bet isANYTHING from the 400 series. The 400 series is a collection a solid drawer fronts that work well with any one of our wood doors.